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SD Gundam G-Generation F

August 17, 2010

in Playstation

description SD Gundam G Generation F

SD Gundam G-Generation-F.I.F is a supplementary game for the G-Generation Series. More specifically G-Gen-F. This game can also be played as a stand alone game, provided that you are extremely good at strategy, since this game recommends that you use your save data from the G-gen series.Features Hi-level stages and Complete database.First of all, as I mentioned before, play SD Gundam G Generation-F first before playing this game. This game is very hard If you try to play it without a save file from SD Gundam G Generation-F. Meaning, that you have finished the game, and don’t find the stages in SD Gundam G Generation-F challenging. Also take note that the file you saved in this game can also be used in G-Gen-F. Which means you can tweak up your units before you finish the SD Gundam G Generation-F game itself.

SD Gundam G Generation-F is a classic Playstation game. It’s an import from Japan, which traverses every major, and in some cases, not so major events in every single Gundam series. Ever. Every official manga. At least, most of them. It’s part of the series ”Bandai: The Best” but it will still run you about 80 bucks for the normal game, and probably closer to 100 for the premium package. Premium includes an SD Gundam action figure, and a T-Shirt, I believe.


This is where the game seriously shines. Any person having played any previous SD Gundam G Generation F game will immediately warm up to this system. Your units start out on a tiled map: You move a unit-if in range, you may execute an attack-Aggressive scene-back to battle scene.
The aggressive scene shows the mobile suit executing the attack, with an animation and a bit of battle MIDI. Some attacks show a small CG animation, which looks great for the Playstation.

Story: Well… uh… take a lot of Gundam… read the story for all of it… then play through it. You get the idea.

Sound: The battle music in the game is simple MIDI, but it gets the job done well, seeing as there are over 250 MIDI battle music sequences, depending on the attacking character. They mimic some of the great music from the TV Series.

Graphics: The graphics of the map and the movement base are fairly bad. They look like they came from the SD Gundam Super Nintendo games, but hey, with over 110 stages, what can you expect?
The CG scenes in the game are beautiful, well done, fluent, and usually showing off a memorable scene of the series, in cute but serious SD form.

Replayability: Beating the game in itself is a major feat. With over 110 stages of strategy gaming, and over 1000 Mobile Suits avaiable to use and catalog in the profile mode, you won’t be completing the whole game for a looong time. If you do, it comes with a fourth disc, so you can play a second whole game, interchangable between the Wonderswan Portable. Overall: Great replayability.

rominfo SD Gundam G Generation F

SD Gundam G-Generation F
Developer(s) Bandai, Natsume
Publisher(s) Bandai
Platform(s) Playstation
Release date(s) Aug 03, 2000 (JP)
Genre(s) Versus Fighting,Action
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer

screenshots SD Gundam G Generation F

SD Gundam G Generation F1 SD Gundam G Generation F

SD Gundam G Generation F2 SD Gundam G Generation F

SD Gundam G Generation F3 SD Gundam G Generation F

SD Gundam G Generation F4 SD Gundam G Generation F

SD Gundam G Generation F5 SD Gundam G Generation F

video SD Gundam G Generation F

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download SD Gundam G Generation F

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Region: USA SD Gundam G Generation F

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